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animals Stuffed Animals
Find hundreds of the wonderful, life-like stuffed animals and puppets, best selection on the web. From aardvarks to zebras, these plush animals include dogs and cats, wildlife, farm and zoo animals, even ocean life, birds, reptiles and dinosaurs. Plus you can find mythical creatures like unicorns and dragons! Manufacturers include Gund, Boyds and many more.
animal magazine Zoobooks Magazine for Kids!
Zoobooks Magazine is a great way to turn a youngster's love of animals into a love of reading! Each monthly issue contains eye-popping color - illustrations, diagrams, photos, animal games - and no advertising. Click now for your FREE Elephants Zoobook and Tiger Poster!
Insect Lore Butterfly Garden Discovery DNA Explorer Kit Ladybug Land
Sea Monkey Retro Original Sea Monkey Robo Diver Insect Lore Pop-Up Port-A-Bug
Creature Peeper Eyewitness Shark Model Kit Backyard Safari Bug Vacuum
Discovery Ant Gel Habitat Watch-A-Bug Giant Ant Farm
Butterfly Feeder Animal X-Rays Backyard Safari Bug Habitat
Ecology Kit - Power of Science Eyewitness North American Animals Model Kit Eyewitness Lion Model Kit
stuffed animal, plush animal

Here at the Science Store, we feature great educational toys and games, and science & nature activities for your children. These products are carefully selected to provide hours of fun and learning, while stimulating your kids intellect and sparking their creativity. Click on the links below for more great products.

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